• Logo RAG
    Real Academia Galega (RAG)
    Constituted in 1906, this institution has as main purpose to protect the rights of Galician language, defend and promote its usage.
  • Logo AETG
    Asociación de Enxeñeiros de Telecomunicacións de Galicia
    Represents the interests of the graduates in Enginery of Telecommunications.
  • Logo AGE
    Asociación de Editores de Galicia
    Entity formed by the Galician publishing houses and that works to defend, promote and disseminate the publication of books in our language.
  • Logo Eganet
    Empresas Galegas Adicadas a Internet (EGANET)
    Non-profit association created in 2000 and made by Galician enterprises and professionals of the Internet and new technologies sector.
  • Consello da Xuventude de Galicia
    It is an Institutional Entity created to fins a global politic for the youth. It is made by 22 youth associations and It is an entity of public law with its own jurisdiction.
  • Colexio Profesional de Xornalistas de Galicia
    entity created in 2000 with the purpose of joining the journalists, come into contact, take advantage of a series of services and defend the common professional rights.
  • Logo Galicia Hoxe
    Galicia Hoxe
    Galician jounal published in Santiago de Compostela and edited by Editorial Compostela. It first appeared in January 1994 under the headline of El Correo Galego and in 2003 changed to the current name. It is the first journal in Galician.
  • Logo ISOC
    It is the official representation of Internet Society in Galicia. It is the channel to distribute reliable information about Internet and serves as authorized organization on the international organism that plan and manage the global internet operation.
  • Logo A Mesa
    A Mesa pola Normalización Lingüística
    Independent, plural and non-party platform that has as main objective to promote the use of Galician in all fields of social life as in any other language.
  • Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
    With more than 500 years of existence, it is an institution oriented to the future, with two campuses (Santiago and Lugo) and more than 30.000 students.
  • non hai imaxe
    A Nosa Galiza de Xenebra (Suiza)
    Established in Geneva since 1967, this centre performs different kinds of activities: Galician dancing, singing (cantareiras), bobbin knit, theatre, expositions, conferences, etc.
  • A Peneira
    Galician fortnightly journal with general information about the region of Condado, A Paradanta and the south of Pontevedra.
    Association constituted in 1994 made up with almost all the relevant enterprises of the audiovisual and multimedia production of Galicia.
    Agasol is an association of companies that try to get more business opportunities , act as partners in the sector and promote a model of knowledge society.
  • Agora País Llionés
    Leon autonomous organization, participatory and assembly nature , constituted on the basis of a range of left thinking sensitivities that have as foundations common goals.
  • non hai imaxe
    Agrupación Cultural Galega Saudade, Barcelona
    Emigrants Group which emerged in 1982 in Barcelona, with the aim to promote the Galician identity and culture. It is integrated in the virtual community Galicia Aberta.
  • non hai imaxe
    Agrupación de Hijos de Galicia en Sestao
    Institution created by Galician emigrants in Sestao in 1952 to promote the Galician identity and culture. Their website is integrated in the virtual community Galicia Aberta.
  • Algueirada S.L
    Cultural Management Enterprise based on the use of new digital technologies for creativity and on the human factor.
  • AME
    AME is an organization created to coordinate the business activities of the general information publishing media in Galician.
  • Asociación de Amigos do patrimonio de Castroverde
    Association that reports and defends the artistic , monumental- cultural heritage, nature and the folk traditions of the municipality of Castroverde Lugo
  • Asociacion Cultural "A Voz de Vilalba"
    Since February 2008 , the blog of the association, with the collaboration of the three founders of the Voice of Vilalba paper , collects information and comments on local news as well as many references to that first period on written paper.
  • Asociación Cultural Arumes do Corgo
    Through his blog, the ACAC makes visible on the network, since 2008 , all the cultural and sports activities that they carried out , their manifestos , etc
  • Asociación Cultural
    Meeting point for Galician music unsubsidized and discussion forum for questioning the current scenario , recognize shortcomings and create a structural basis .
  • Asociación Cultural PX
    Cultural Association from the region of Camariñas
  • Asociación da 3ª Idade Nevox
    Association for the 3rd age related with the Valladares Neighborhood and Cultural Center in Vigo
  • Asociación de Enxeñeiros en Informática de Galicia
    Professional non-profit association that brings together the Computer Engineers and Computer Technical Engineers of Galicia
  • Asociación de Mulleres Pedra Vella
    The Association of Women " Pedra Vella " integrated in the " Aids network for battered women " offers , in a personal manner, free and anonymous , social and health services, educational , legal advice and career counseling , among others.
  • Asociación Ghandalf
    One of the objectives of the Ghandalf Association, formed in January 2009 , is to collaborate in building a knowledge society based on the principles of free access and use of software and information.
  • Asociación O FErvedoiro
    Cultural association of Cuntis which aims , among others, to aware that we must respect our historical , artistic, ethnographic heritage , ... because it is the collective heritage of we all.
  • Asociación O.R.A.L de Galicia
    Nonprofit entity of the Galician area founded the 17th of May, 1997 in Vigo by a group of people interested in the preservation of improvised oral traditions of popular nature.
  • Asociación Xuvenil "Xuntanza Xuvenil" de Valladares
    Youth Association related with the Valladares Neighborhood and Cultural Center in Vigo
  • Asociación Xuvenil Amencer
    Youth Association that works in Ourense since 1987 in the field of spare time with kids, teenagers and young people of that city.
  • Asociación Xuvenil Avelaíña
    This group of young people of this municipality of Pontevedra, is dedicated mainly to energize the area with recreational and cultural activities for youth . Here is their page on Facebook
  • Asociación Xuvenil PX-Ponte do Porto
    Youth Association of Ponte do Porto in the municipality of Camariñas.
  • Aula Castelao
    Formally constituted in Pontevedra in 1983, it has as aim to renew thematic and methodological the philosophy field, paying special attention to the secondary education teachers and to the Galician language normalization, mainly on teaching.
  • Casa de Galicia en Gipuzkoa
    Understands that the future of the Galician centers can no longer be settle in floral games and folk dances, but its future is to be Cultural Embassies of Galicia. They show Galicia on the land that welcomed them and shows this land to the travelers who come from Galicia.
  • Centro Alma Gallega de Montevideo
    Galician centre in Montevideo city, Uruguay
  • Cenro Arzuano Mellidense (buenos Aires)
    Galician Centre in Buenos Aires city, Argentina
  • Centro Culturala A.R. de Valladares
    The Centre Cultural, Artístico e Recreativo de Valladares, related with the Neighborhood and Cultural Center of the same town, offers several activities in the field of culture and arts.
  • Centro de Estudios e Documentación Blas Espín
    Centre that works to defend the underwater heritage.
  • Centro Galego de Bruxelas
    Cultural Association, created in 1979 that brings together the Galician living in Belgium. Among its objectives they try to promote and protect the Galician culture and folklore and consolidate ties of help and solidarity between Galician .
  • Centro Galego de Zug
    Since 1990, this centre maintains the compromise to show the Galician origin and identity, developing divulgation activities about the Galician idiosyncrasy, culture and customs among its members, the new generations and the general public.
  • Centro Galicia de Buenos Aires
    It was born in 1970 with the basic slogan of uniting those efforts propagated inside the Galician community , developing a common project of growth defending the values and the identity.
  • Centro Galego de Álava
    Galician centre constituted in 1955 with the aim to maintain alive the Galician heritage and being a common place to promote the cultural symbiosis between Victoria and Alava and the Galician feeling anywhere in the world.
  • Centro Gallego de Mar del Plata (Arxentina)
    Galician centre that performs several activities for all the Galician and their descendants that live in Mar del Plata. Highlights their bagpipe band and the Galician language and literature lessons.
  • Centro Gallego de S.M. Cultural y Deportivo Comodoro Rivadavia (Arxentina)
    Centre founded in 1923, it has currently about 250 members.
  • Centro Veciñal e Cultural de Valladares
    Neighborhood and cultural center of the parish of Valladares in Vigo , it offers music and traditional , educational and physical activities.
  • Colectivo Lúa Meiga
    Association constituted in 2008 whose aims are the dignity of Galician traditional music and culture, defense of Galician language and normalization of our heritage, mainly putting music and traditional culture in the zenith of the best moments of leisure. The Noite da Lua Meiga festival aims to be their bet in this regard.
  • Colexio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia
    Created in 1973 to offer, in addition to the mandatory services that correspond to professional association , general and periodic information , book publishing , historical archiving , exhibition , legal and technological advice and courses, awards and scholarships.
  • Colexio Oficial de Enxeñerios Técnicos Industriais de A Coruña
    Corporation that protects the rights , duties and prestige of the profession of Industrial Engineer in the province of A Coruña, with offices in A Coruña, Santiago and Ferrol
  • Colexio Oficial de Protésicos Dentais de Galicia
    Professional organization of dental prosthetic practicing in Galicia. Its headquarters are in Santiago de Compostela.
  • Colexio Oficial de Psicoloxía de Galicia
    Official Association of Psychology in Galicia.
  • Colexio Profesional de Enxeñaría en Informática de Galicia
    Formally constituted in December of 2007, CPEIG wants to be the media for the professionals to participate in the planning and regulation of the computer engineering area.
  • Concello de Redondela
    Municipality from the commonwealth of Vigo, in the province of Pontevedra, with a population of 29.864 inhabitants and a extension of 51,9 square kilometers.
  • Concello de Rianxo
    Native village of Castelao and Rafael Dieste, it is settled in the region of the Barbanza and it has about 11000 inhabitants.
  • Confederación Intersindical Galega (CIG)
    Union class, nationalist orientation , founded in 1994 by merging the General Confederation of Galician Workers and the National Interunion of Galician Workers .
  • Consello da Avogacía Galega
    Top management body of the college of law of Galicia , made up of seven law associations(A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra, Ferrol, Santiago and Vigo)
  • Consello da Cultura Galega
    With an advisory and consultative body with powers of initiative , research and organization, the Council of Galician Culture is responsible for the defense and promotion of the cultural values of the Galician people . It consists of representatives of organizations and prominent personalities in the various fields of Galician culture .
  • Coordenadora de Equipas de Normalización Ferrolterra
    Constituted in the municipality of Ferrol, it aims to coordinate the different teams of linguistic normalization of the educative centers in the area to plan activities with relation to the normalization of the Galician language.
  • Coordinadora De Traballadores/as de Normalización da Lingua (CTNL)
    Galician non-profit association created in 1996 with the general aim to reduce the main drawbacks of the linguistic normalization in Galicia.
  • Coordinadora Galega de Equipos de Normalización e Dinamización Lingüística
    Created in 2002 by teams of Galician public and private schools to promote the Galician on the educational community and the social environment
    Public body with legal personality created by the Parliament of Galicia in 1984 with the aim to manage and operate the Galician public media.
  • Dinahosting S.L.
    A company that provides Internet services: hosting , domain registration and dedicated servers , developing its own technology .
  • Edicións Espontáneas
    Publishing house specialized in publications on architecture and transformation of the territory .
  • Edicións Positivas
    Publishing house founded in 1990 dedicated to narrative, poetry and essays written on Galician and Portugues.
  • Editorial Compostela SA
    Founded in 1878, publish in Spanish and Galician.
  • Eixo Atlántico
    Crossborder Association integrating the 34 main cities of the Galicia-North Portugal euro-region. It was created in 1992 under the auspices of the European Union.
  • Emisoras Municipais Galegas (EMUGA)
    Entity that groups the municipal stations of Fene, Redondela, Foz, Eume, Arzúa, Allariz, Ordes, Terra Cha, Boiro, Culleredo, Cerceda, Sada and Negreira.
  • Escola de Tempo Libre Paspallás
    Plural, open and participatory school of training, expertise preparation of educators and instructors of leisure activities for the youth and children, as well as leisure time.
  • Federación de Libreiros de GAlicia
    It defends the collective aim of the book publishing sector of Galicia, and among its objectives it is to enhance the growth of readers with advertising campaigns and other forms of promotion of reading.
  • Federación de Sociedades Galegas na Suiza
    Founded in 1980, the federation brings together nine Galician centers and has about 3.000 members .
  • Federación francesa de gaiteiros e de culturas galegas e celtíberas "Os Galaicos"
    Founded in 2005 with the aim to bringing together associations, bagpipers, dancers, drummers and people in love with Galicia and the Celtic culture, to promote, disseminate and develop the traditional music and dancing of Galicia, It has its headquarters in France.
  • Fundación para o fomento da calidade industrial e desenvolvemento de Galicia
    Constituted in 1996, its main aim is to promote the dissemination and implementation policies in terms of quality, technology and innovation, receiving additionally management in technology infrastructures.
  • Fundación Xeito Novo de Cultura Galega (Buenos Aires)
    Galician centre founded in Buenos Aires in 1984 to disseminate the Galician culture through their artistic groups and investigation research. It organizes lectures and debates on issues related to Galician culture.
    It is the first website with information about electronic music (discs, concerts, parties, DJs, biographies, etc) written in Galician.
  • GlobalNovaTrade
    GlobalNovaTrade is a Foreing Trade digital company. With a highly multicultural and multidisciplinary profile, its main objective is to promote the internationalization of the SMEs through new technologies.
  • Grupo Código Cero Comunicación
    Magazine and website about new technologies on Galicia, monthly and daily basis respectively.
  • Hospedaxes Galicia
    Corunnian company with the mission of advising web development companies. It offers services like hosting , domain registration , and web programming , maintenance and consulting in digital marketing design .
  • Host Europe Iberia SLU (antes RedCoruna SLU)
    It works since 2002 as web hosting provider, domain management and dedicated servers.
  • Hostigal
    Company that works since 2005 as web hosting provider, domain registry, dedicated servers, etc and other services as web consulting and planning.
  • I.E.S. Gregorio Fernández (Sarria-Lugo)
    Centre created in 1975 but firs as Vocational Training, in the year 98-99 they began to offer CSE and later joined other studies.
  • Interdix Galicia
    Company in internet since 2000 with platforms "" and "" and also more than 20 websites with contents about different issues.
  • Inxenio Internet Consulting S.L.
    Company that focuses its work around the world of Internet, offering customized and scalable solutions based on customer needs. It offers a wide range of Internet based services.
  • Museo do Pobo Galego
    created in 1976 with the aim to investigate, preserve, disseminate, defend and promote Galician culture in all areas, and specifically, to create and develop a museum in service of those objectives.
  • Nova Escola Galega
    Association founded in Santiago de Compostela that focuses on educational renewal of the Galician language.
  • Openhost S.L.
    Company specialized in custom software development, consulting and migration to open technologies.
  • Ozono Multimedia
    New technology company settled in Milladoiro (Ames) working in fields such as programming, internet and computer systems.
  • Patronato da Cultura Galega
    Founded in 1964 in Montevideo in order to contribute to the promotion of Galician culture and promote the integration of migrants in Uruguayan society.
  • Peña de Galicia en California
    Galician centre of California (LA) in USA
  • Peña Galega da Casa de España de Río de Janeiro
    Founded in 1983, resulting from the merger between Centro Espanhol de Rio de Janeiro and the Casa de Galicia in the same Brazilian city.
  • Pexego Sistemas Infromáticos
    Company settled in Lugo created as entrepreneurship, with Technology headquarter in University of Santiago and working in fields such as free software, multimedia and distance learning.
  • Ponte...nas Ondas
    Communication experience that encourages interaction between Galician and Portuguese schools and elsewhere, to give value to the Galician-Portuguese culture and seek common border cultural elements.
  • Proxecto Trasno
    Proxecto Trasno is an open community of volunteers whose civic order to find free software and support to Galician translators. The project started in 2000 and since 2009 is formalized as an association of promotion and dissemination of free software tailored to the needs and linguistic requirements of Galician speakers.
  • Quobis Networks S.L.
    Telecommunications Engineering specialized in providing professional and innovative solutions to operators, large accounts, defense and public administration.
  • Rei Zentolo
    Galician shop considered reference in design shirts , extolling for years in his creations the culture, art and Galician humor.
  • Seminario de Lingüística Informática (Universidade de Vigo)
    Its website offers different public resources of linguistic technology, such as the automatic translator Open Trad-apertium, the online spelling checker OrtoGal and the Dictionary CLUVI English-Galician.
  • Sindicato de Xornalistas de Galicia
    First union created in 2005 for the Galician communication professionals. It is an independent and apolitical organization.
  • Universidade da Coruña
    Founded in 1989, the Universidade da Coruña is a public university with campuses on A Coruña and Ferrol.
  • Universidade de Vigo
    Founded in 1990, the Universidade de Vigo is a public university with campuses on Vigo, Pontevedra and Ourense.
  • Xurimaru Servizos de Comunicación
    Communication consulting settled in Milladoiro (Ames) that works in fields such as marketing, design, programming and management in social networks.
  • Xuventude de Galicia- Centro Galego de Lisboa
    Founded in November of 1908, it constitutes an association of people interested in developing the Galician culture in all areas.

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