Launched the IV edition of ‘Spin-Off PuntoGal’ awards which recognises the spin-off companies emerging from the universities

Xullo 30, 2020

Companies and research groups can apply until the 15th September

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PuntoGal celebrates Galicia’s Day reactivating the DGI

Xullo 24, 2018

The associations, which celebrated its fifth aniversary last month, closes the first half of the year with almost 4.800 registered domains

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Puntogal signed a collaboration agreement with Coruña Hacks and Coruña Developers

Abril 27, 2018

The representatives of the Coruña Hacks and Coruña Developers community and PuntoGal strengthen their cooperation activities by signing an agreement that …

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Security, everyone’s business

Novembro 17, 2017

Article publised on A Nosa Rede from the Oficial Association of Telecommunication Engineers, the 17th November of 2017.

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PuntoGal celebrates the 40th aniversary of Museo do Pobo

Outubro 9, 2017

Both entities sign an agreement to promote the domain prices and promote the activities on the occasion of the fourtieth aniversary

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